NEW Interview/Article featuring Sam Heughan from Cameron McNeish   1 comment

Here is a NEW Interview/Article featuring Sam Heughan from Cameron McNeish

IT was still dark as we left the car park, head torches shining pools of light onto the frozen ground in front of us. On the previous day the hills had been raked by blizzards and we were hoping for a period of calm in the weather.

My companion strode out alongside me, his 6feet 3inch stride making easy work of the snow-covered slopes. I couldn’t help speculating how at ease he was in these conditions, as though his acting alter-ego, Jamie Fraser of the award-winning series Outlander, had taken possession of him, a man completely at home in a wintry, highland setting.

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Sam Heughan is a hillwalker and climber, a Munro-bagging enthusiast and a proud Scot. I had been surprised some months earlier when my Twitter account told me that Sam was now following me, for the Sam Heughan I was aware of was an international television star, an award-winning actor and, according to the females in my life, one of the sexiest men in the world. Why on earth was such a celebrity following an ageing mountain bum on Twitter?
All was revealed when I eventually met Sam and learned something of his hill-walking and mountaineering achievements and aspirations. Some time later he agreed to write the foreword to my autobiograpy, There’s Always the Hills, published last February. In it he suggested I might have been able to offer him some sound advice when he first discovered the hills for himself.
Sam’s first Munro was Ben Lomond and although he didn’t actually make it to the summit the experience had a profound effect on him.
“In reasonable hiking boots, several base layers and a technical winter jacket, I wasn’t feeling cold, although my hands would turn bright red – then white – if I took them out of my gloves for too long.
“The closest Munro to Glasgow, Ben Lomond, is a popular climb in summer but can be hazardous in winter. Lost somewhere on the mountain’s Ptarmigan Ridge, its lower peak, I climbed too high before losing my balance and sliding downwards for twenty to thirty metres. Digging my raw and frozen fingers into the snow to break the descent I realised that, displaced only a few metres to the right, I could easily have slipped off the mountain. I had become one of ‘those’ people: foolish, dangerous.



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  1. Absolutely loved this. Sam Heughan’s interview was very revealing as to the type of man he is – generous, adventurous, intelligent and very talented, and an all round very kind man. No wonder we all are his devoted fans. Keep on climbing Sam – as high as you can go.

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