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Here NEW Interview with Sophie Skelton from Daily Actor

From Daily Actor:

Sophie Skelton, who currently stars as Brianna in the hit Starz series Outlander, is making another big splash in the action thriller, 211. In the film, she play’s Nicolas Cage‘s estranged pregnant daughter who’s world “turns upside down,” she said.

In this interview, she chats about her role, working with Cage, how she perfected her American accent and of course, Outlander.

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Sophie Skelton: Yeah well, it has been actually it’s been quite full on. So, we started shooting and then we had to have a little break because Cage broke his ankle.

And then we had about a six week hiatus. So that was interesting. But yeah, lately its just been busy with mainly Outlander, we’re shooting season four now. So, I’ve been in Scotland since January.

Sophie Skelton: It’s hard, you end up just hanging out but I think I was shooting anyway actually. I was supposed to wrap so for me it wasn’t too bad but yeah, it just kind of nice, fun vacation.

Let’s talk about the film. You played Nicolas Cage’s daughter?

Sophie Skelton: Yes. So, I play his daughter and the wife of his partner. We have a very strange relationship because her mother died not too long ago from cancer and she’s suffered for quite a long time. And he got sort of very detached from and put himself and into his work. And obviously being part of the police force, he is very good and very passionate about his job. And ironically, when the day hits he is ready to retire.



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  1. Actors certainly are very busy people. There wasn’t much coverage about “Outlander”, but her comments on her new show were quite interesting.

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