Pic of Lotte Verbeek as a Child With Her Father   1 comment

Here’s a pic of Lotte Verbeek as a child, with her father. 

  • lotteverbeek It wasnt until years (and much eczema) later that my seemingly stubborn though naturally intuitive disdain for dairy was diagnosed as the then novel concept called Lactose intolerance. The sheer exasperation on my dad’s face only comes to show how patiently and dilligently he had set himself to the task of feeding his overactive self-directed daugther who wouldnt gain weight even if she ate the entire cow. Thanks for your patience dad, I love and appreciate you 💕 #fathersday#gingerbeard #TheRedderTheDadder

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  1. Awwww! Wasn’t she a cutie!

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