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In a recent interview with Deepest Dream, Sophie Skelton discussed her upcoming movie 211. She also spoke about how Outlander changed her life. 

From Deepest Dream:

How has your time on Outlander changed your life in the big picture?

It really is. It kind of becomes – you live, breathe, drink and eat (it). It just becomes your whole life in a way. We have hiatuses when we’re not shooting or we’re not doing press or we’re prepping for the next season. They really love it and it’s wonder to have such a loyal fandom but it means you almost can’t abandon them in a way! That’s where our social media comes into play and you’re always responding to them on Twitter. It really does become part of your every day even when we are on a slight hiatus.

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It influences (me) in that way because there are so many people who are passionate about it. They really support the show (and) you do really want to give a lot back to them. That’s a very different experience with features. You do a film and people watch it. They love it and they kind of step away from it for a while until maybe they watch the film again. But with something like Outlander you have people who’ve read the books 20 times over so it’s always an ongoing thing which is great. That means you never sort of step aside from the character – they’re always with you. You become very protective of your character.

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  2. Sophie is right about people that read the “Outlander” book series 20 times over – I am one of them. Absolute gems every “Outlander” book. Looking forward to watching Sophie in Drums of Autumn where she has a more active role.

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