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Over the past few weeks we’ve been doing throwback pic post of Outlander actors. Today is John Bell’s day.  So far we’ve done posts for: David BerryDiana GabaldonDuncan LacroixGraham McTavishRichard Rankin Sophie Skelton and we did a throwback pic post of all the BTS Pics here. You can check out each post by clicking on their names. Enjoy! 


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Outlander BTS Pics 

Outlander Stills and Promo Pics

Screencaps as Young Ian Murray 

We didn’t post all our screencaps of John as Young Ian, there would be too many. You can however check them out by clicking the links below: 

Young Ian is in the following galleries: 3×06 A. Malcolm / 3×07 Crème de Menthe / 3×08 First Wife / 3×12 The Bakra / 3×13 Eye of the Storm



Other TV Show and Movies



BTS of Outlander: 1 / 2 / 

Outlander Stills & Promo Pics: 1 / 

Various Pics: 1 / 2 / 3 / 

TV and Movie Sources:  1 / 2 /

Events Pics : 1 / 

Photoshoot & Portait Source: 1 /

Screencaps: Click here to see all our screencaps 

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  1. Ian, oh Ian! He is so precious and as cute as ever. I love to hear him call Claire “Auntie,” He is going to be great in Season 4! I can just feel so, right now!

  2. A young man with a lot of acting experience behind him. I love his “Young Ian” – quite a charming personality and quite mischievous as well.. We’ll see a lot of him in Drums of Autumn. He was amazing in Voyager.

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