*New* Pic of Caitriona Balfe   5 comments

Here’s a new pic of Caitriona Balfe. 

caitrionambalfe:    1200 species … and everyone of them a F*@k€r !!!
She was replying to this tweet from Matt B. Roberts:

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5 responses to “*New* Pic of Caitriona Balfe

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  1. Ack! Nasty creatures. This is not funny. Poor Cait.

  2. Midges are the most vile insects in existence. Horrible beasts!

  3. Poor lady! We have lots of mosquitoes and midges and no see ‘ums in Midwest USA, and Skin So Soft from Avon is highly recommended as a repellant.

    • Hi Reve: Thank you for the advice about Skin so Soft from Avon. I hope Caitriona gets some right away – she certainly does not look very happy. Must be awful for her.

  4. Poor Caitriona – what a horrible experience for her. Where on earth was she to pick them up or them to get to her. Just awful. Hope she has recovered from them.

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