*Video* All of Jamie & Claire’s Kisses – Seasons 1 Through 3 of #Outlander   10 comments

Here’s a video of all of Jamie and Claire’s kisses from season 1 through 3 of Outlander. 


Source: manders1984 via OutLandAnatomy 

10 responses to “*Video* All of Jamie & Claire’s Kisses – Seasons 1 Through 3 of #Outlander

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  1. If I were a skeptic, I’d believe all these kisses were for real and with the music in the background, they really touch my heart. Love this piece.

  2. ok it is bad enof to be starving of series — to watch this is absolutely riviting and reminds me to work on gettting into shape– sooo sooome how i could find a jaimie to ravish me— like this .. aaarrrrrg…in my dreammmmms …. ackkckckck. if u could , would u change places with claire for 1 hour? lordy i would

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  3. Well now I’m just sitting here smiling all over myself!😊😊😊 The Frasers are a match made in heaven & they certainly do kiss divinely. I can never say enough how much I love the way Cait & Sam portray these two. We really hit the jackpot when they were cast. Their chemistry is off the charts. Absolutely electric!! ⚡⚡⚡ I really hope we’re all still here for this story until the last page of the last book is filmed. FABULOUS!!!

    • Hi Karen: So true! Your comment says it all. I’m keeping my hopes up that we’ll all be here for the last book written for Outlander. The video above is Fabulous!

  4. Their kisses were full of love and emotion and looked so real. They have an exceptional chemistry together.

    Danielle Levasseur
  5. What can we say! The video above is a real gem. The genuine emotion and passion between these two stars in their roles as Jamie and Claire is what has us so carried away with Outlander. And there is more to come in Season 4 – Wow! Thank you for sharing the video above.

  6. This video is so beautifully edited. A lot of work went into this piece and thanks to Manders1984 for sharing this amazing work. Could someone please, please provide me with the title of the music. I would very much like to add it to my music library. Thanks!

  7. Great video! Claire’s and Jamie’s whole love story through their kisses. I really liked that you included that long sexy look between them at the governor’s ball. Thanks for creating and sharing this.

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