*New* Pics of Diana Gabaldon in Prague   3 comments

Here’s are new pics of Diana Gabaldon in Prague. You can check out the post on her FB page here

Diana Gabaldon: Our Avalon cruise actually started on land, with three days of expeditions and explorations in and around Prague–and a look at some of the Outlander filming locations used in Season Two! (Look familiar? First is just me with the cityscape of Prague behind me, but next is the library at the Strahon monastery–aka the library where Jamie played chess with the French Minister of Finance and where Le Comte poisoned Claire with bitter cascara! Next is the smaller library (also at the monastery) that Claire passed through with her hard-earned orange after a Brief Encounter with King Louis . ) Anybody recognize the final photo?

More pics after the jump! 

Source: Diana Gabaldon’s FB 

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3 responses to “*New* Pics of Diana Gabaldon in Prague

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post and Diana’s information.


    Sandra Ninas-Scheffel
  2. Beautiful shots!


  3. Amazingly beautiful countryside. The architecture is more than beautiful – imagine all the creativity and artwork that went into completing these rooms and buildings. These libraries were extra special as they were used in Season 2 “Dragonfly in Amber”. Thank you Diana Gabaldon for sharing your holiday with us – much appreciated.


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