NEW Headshot Photo of Sam Heughan From Matt Sayles   3 comments

Here is a NEW Headshot Photo of Sam Heughan from Matt Sayles


Posted June 10, 2018 by primrosesandrue16 in Sam Heughan

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3 responses to “NEW Headshot Photo of Sam Heughan From Matt Sayles

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  1. Stunning. My favorite now.

  2. Mr. Handsome himself. He has the most beautiful eyes – full of expression and emotion. My favourite actor. Thank you for sharing this photo of Sam Heughan – he is always busy: acting, running Marathons, doing specials like the “the Hiking show”, promoting My Peak Challenge, promotional shows/stints for Outlander, making movies in between Outlander shoots, (did I leave anything out!) – he needs a holiday.

  3. Very handsome young man w/the world in front of him! May your road be paved w/great success, honest & sincere people, & a lifetime full of happiness! Take care & God Bless Sam❣️🙏🌈❤️

    Vera Goodchild Marckmann

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