*New* Video of Tobias Menzies BTS of “The Terror”   1 comment

Here’s a new video of Tobias Menzies BTS of “The Terror” 

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  1. I watched every episode of “The Terror”. It was quite an eye opener, I horrified and yet had to watch the next episode coming up. After the very last episode, I just sat there staring at the TV screen – sort of in a state of shock. Tobias Menzies was absolutely brilliant in “The Terror”, the only reason I watched the show. He took a part that went through the character changes faced by someone who had a secret of his background to be told. Absolutely brilliant actor. However, once I started watching it I had to keep on till I found out who the last person alive was. However, on a scientific note, I live in Manitoba, Canada and found out that the “HMS Terror” and the “HMS Erebus” had been found in the frigid waters off Nunavut’s King William Island and has been one of Canada’s great Maritime mysteries,the discovery was aided by a Inuit Historian and Teacher by the name of Louie Kamookak. Just a historical note. Also thank you for sharing the video above. Glad to see that they had fun making “The Terror”.

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