New video of Sam Heughan for My Peak Challenge   8 comments

New video of Sam Heughan for My Peak Challenge

Posted May 24, 2018 by fastieslowie in Sam Heughan

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8 responses to “New video of Sam Heughan for My Peak Challenge

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  1. No sound! Can this be fixed?

  2. Too much wind to film outside. All I can hear is the wind blowing. Missed most of what was said.

  3. The wind cut the conversation.

  4. Great video. Yes the wind was a factor, however Sam’s voice was very clear. Sometimes people don’t realize their voice don’t carry – but I listened to the video a few times and did understand their conversation. This was for a very important cause – I have a lot of regard for Sam Heughan being involved with such a cause. I love the Scottish accents.

  5. I worked as an RN and then volunteered in Hospice for years here in the USA. I’m thrilled MPC is supporting this additional charity and will continue to support MPC. Well done Sam and MPC team 🙏😘

  6. Wonder video (even tho with wind hard to hear everything) but we know the amazing work being done. . Happy to be involved. I don’t know if Sam ever hears or sees comments, if so, let me congratulate him in ALL he does❤️

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