*New* Pic of Romann Berux   5 comments

Here’s a new pic of Romann Berux. 


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5 responses to “*New* Pic of Romann Berux

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  1. wonderful to see how the outlander cast is still in touch– if anything would make me join twitter- it would be this guy === his hair is like claires- tottttallly curly- he is growing up/!!!!! andwill be awolf when older– whooooo

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  2. Oh My! Has Romann every grown – the little boy is gone. Does any one know if he is staring in a movie or tv series at present? I love his hair – so curly!

  3. Romann had a great performance as Fergus in Outlander season 2. I love his role. Congratulations Romann. Wish you the best!

  4. By the looks of how much he’s grown he’ll be taller than Sam!! Looking good young man, miss you on Outlander a great deal!

  5. Hard to believe this guy’s gonna be 17 in August! Miss wee Fergus on #Outlander, but wish you well in future endeavors Romann!!

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