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From Digital Spy:

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan will be back for two more seasons of Outlander(hurrah), but the stars have revealed they’ll be taking a slightly longer break than usual before returning for season five.

“We have an extended hiatus, we have about seven months off,” Caitriona told Digital Spy at last night’s BAFTA TV Awards.

“We kind of hoped that we would get a season 5, we weren’t really expecting them to pick up both together, so that’s really exciting,” the actress added.

On what fans can expect from season four, Caitriona teased: “It’s a whole new world, because we are in America…

“It’s Colonial times, it’  pre-revolution, Claire and Jamie are settlers in a new land.”

Sam added: “There’s a lot that we’ve had to squash into one season, so it’s jam-packed.”

You can read the rest of the interview here



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  1. loved the interview! I am doing the Happy Dance – Seasons 5 and 6 – what more could we ask for! Can hardly wait till Drums of Autumn arrives. It is nice to know that all those hard working actors will be taking a long break! A time for relaxation, and other things they want to do.

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