New picture of Caitriona Balfe   7 comments

Here’s a new picture of Caitriona Balfe


Posted April 22, 2018 by fastieslowie in Caitriona Balfe

7 responses to “New picture of Caitriona Balfe

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  1. So proud of her! Caitriona is an amazing lady – congratulations to her on her Marathon run.

  2. Cute watch!!!

  3. Cute watch!! Stylish and hardcore!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Yes – I would love a watch like that one! Very contemporary. Caitriona has a great sense of style.

  4. This photograph is now one of my favorites of Caitriona! Such natural beauty. She looks like a teenager.

    • She definitely does. I like her better without the fringe even though it does suits her but it hides part of her beautiful face.

    • Hi Cassie: I agree with you 100%. Catriona is a natural beauty! She is like a beautiful ray of sunshine. I haven’t heard when her wedding is but I am she will be absolutely stunning.

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