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Here are new pictures of Sam Heughan

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3 responses to “New pictures of Sam Heughan

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  1. Mr. Sunshine himself – Sam Heughan! How does he do it – putting in the long hard hours in an amazing TV show series, promoting the “My Peak Challenge” and various other cancer fund events, running marathons, putting in the hours keeping 100% physically fit, being on promotional TV shows and trips for the TV series “Outlander”. He is also very generous with his time in encouraging us regular folk to get out there to be active – always gives us a great feeling. Thank you Sam for being you.

  2. Well said, Rhona! Totally agree with your sentiments! Sam does inspire me to keep moving, just wish I had his never ending energy!

    Kimberly Robertson
    • Sam also has a good diet which he follows – maybe that is where he gets his energy from (plus being active anyway). However, there some folks that have a very high metabolism that keeps them on the go constantly. Whichever it is, Sam is an inspiration.

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