VIDEO: Outlander Season 3 Gag-Reel   8 comments

Here’s the gag reel from Outlander season 3

Click here or on the screencap to watch the video


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8 responses to “VIDEO: Outlander Season 3 Gag-Reel

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  1. I loved it! Thank you for sharing the Season 3 Gag Reel – thoroughly enjoyable. Had a chuckle here and there. I will soon be the proud owner of Season 3’s Collector’s Edition and will be able to enjoy it (without those pesky commercials), and enjoy all the additional material that will be on it. I am so excited. Also, can hardly wait till Drums of Autumn hits the screen. Just can’t get enough of the Outlander series. Thank you for keeping us up to date on everything Outlander. Everyone! have great weekend.

    • What pesky commercials? Where do you live that Outlander is shown with commercials?

      • Hi Bev: I live in the City of Winnipeg, Canada. Outlander is shown on Channel 21 (W) and they have too many commercials on all their shows. It is very frustrating. This is why I can hardly wait till the DVD/Blu-Ray and the Collector’s Edition of Season are here so that I can watch a beautiful storey without all the interruptions (commercials). I hope you enjoyed the Gag Reel for Season 3. I love the “behind the scenes” shots – lots of fun.

        • Thanks for your reply, Rhona. That sounds like an over-the-air station – does it show the episodes unedited?

          • Hi Bev: It is a little hard to say if the episodes are unedited. I do know that if a movie is shown and there are commercials in it, the movie will have been edited. Thank Heavens for DVDs and Blu-Ray.

            • Ok, Rhona, I’ll be more specific. Do they show the sex scenes?

              • Yes they do. To make room for the commercials in a TV show, the smaller connecting scenes that give the storey a continuity into the next scene is often left out and these are what we do get to see on the DVDs/Blu-Rays. I have the Blu-Rays of Seasons 1 and 2 – they are absolutely treasures. I know Season 3, the Collectors’ Edition will be just as special.

              • Thanks, Rhona. Very frustrating. It’s hard to imagine that Sony would make an agreement with a system that would do that. I’m really sorry that you have to put up with that. Thanks for clarifying everything for me.

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