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Here is a NEW Video of Tobias Menzies

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  1. How does he do it? His talent is limitless.

  2. I agree .. he is the best. His talent was outstanding in Outlander as Black Jack and Frank. Two such opposite characters that he played so well. Only Tobias could have played the character of Black Jack with such perfection. I’ve also watched him in The Terror last night. He is, again, magnificent!

    Danielle Levasseur
  3. Very sad, but very well spoken and acted. He is such a wonderful performer…….nice to see him in a better role than as in “Outlander.” The man is a superb actor. He also performs well as the husband in the present in “Outlander.” Multi-talented, for sure.

  4. Very sad and traumatic. Such suppressed emotions yet painful for him – what a dilemma. Tobias Menzies is so brilliant. Love his acting. I have yet to watch The Terror ( I had recorded it), but I am sure Tobias is just as amazing in that that as well as in his role as Frank/Black Jack Randall.

  5. What a beautiful example of the speaker’s art.. oral interpretation is not the same as acting and our tobias is expert here. Kudos sir.

    • This goes to prove what an amazing actor Tobias has become. I have never seen anyone doing “oral interpretation”.

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