NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from the LA Times   5 comments

Here is a NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from the LA Times

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5 responses to “NEW Interview with Sam Heughan from the LA Times

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  1. Super interview – thank you for posting

  2. Absolutely the best interview with Sam. His responses to the interviewer showed how professional and talented he is. Sam never disappoints us in any way. His thoughts and feelings concerning Jamie as Jamie struggled after so much – after Claire left, the battle of Culloden, hiding in a cave for 7 years and then giving himself up to the British to save his sister and her family was so insightful. No wonder we all love “Outlander”. Thank you Sam Heughan for giving us Jamie.

  3. How could I forget this – Sam definitely deserves “Best Actor Award – TV show” in the Saturn Awards in June 2018, as well as in the Golden Globe Awards and many others.

  4. A great interview – not only the answers but the questions! Sam’s truly a talented – nay, gifted! – and insightful man. I hope season 4 will air SOON since I never know where I’ll be from season to season. And when does the DVD for S-3 drop?

    • Hi Marcie: If your question is ” when will the DVD for Season 3 come” – I believe it is around April 10th.

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