NEW HQ Pics of The Cast of Outlander from the Outlander Emmy Panel   11 comments

Here are some NEW HQ Pics of The Cast and Crew of Outlander at the Outlander FYC Emmy Panel

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11 responses to “NEW HQ Pics of The Cast of Outlander from the Outlander Emmy Panel

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  1. Don’t they have handlers or people to dress them? They are both gorgeous and rich with the worst taste.

    • They are given those clothes. They do not choose them.

      • A good piece of inside news! However, Sam and Caitriona look great, because they carry the styles with style. Caitriona used to be a model so definitely knows how to impress with what she wears. Sam being Sam look great in everything – gym clothes, Outlander wear and everyday wear – just everything.

  2. Again Caitriona is gorgeous! You never see her looking anything but. Classy and such a beautiful smile. Isn’t too bad … they make such a nice couple. They are perfect together.

    Danielle Levasseur
  3. Cait’s smile looks forced.

  4. Mc, – for your information, normal people dress normal, is there something wrong with that? They look amazing!!!
    Interacting with normal people – what a nice thing to do.

  5. Loved seeing this ❤️

  6. Look at those winning smiles (Sam’s and Catriona’s)! t can’t help but want to smile back! Sam and Caitriona are two very great looking people, Love their outfits (wish I could a dress as Caitriona does). Outlander Emmy Panel? Well I do believe that Sam and Caitriona and the TV series “Outlander” deserve their well earned awards. I love them both – and want to thank them for giving us Jamie and Claire. Thank you for sharing the photos above.

  7. They look great! Sam has a stylist and I’m sure Caitriona has one for events, at this stage in their careers along with a manager ,publicist and assistant.

    • Makes sense when you think of it. What whirlwind life these folks live. Again, thanks for sharing the photos.

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