NEW Pic of Sam Heughan   7 comments

Here  is a NEW Pic of Sam Heughan


Posted February 14, 2018 by primrosesandrue16 in Outlander, Sam Heughan

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7 responses to “NEW Pic of Sam Heughan

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  1. I love his haircut !

    Miz Val (@vrb1955)
  2. Gee! The longer Sam works with Steven Cree, THE MORE THEY START LOOKING LIKE EACH OTHER! 😊

  3. Nice to be in a tight cast who care for each other. Embrace your time together indeed!

  4. Cute, very cute!

  5. Mr. Handsome himself. I love his new hair style and the expression on his face. Never a dull moment with Sam Heughan. Thanks for sharing the photo above.

  6. Sam, I love the haircut! Looks like you are studying for two!!

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