NEW Outlander Season 3 on DVD/Blu-Ray April 10, 2018   8 comments

Outlander Season 3 To Come Out on DVD/Blu-Ray on April 10, 2018



Blu-Ray Collectors Edition

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8 responses to “NEW Outlander Season 3 on DVD/Blu-Ray April 10, 2018

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  1. I am doing the happy dance right now! Season 3 DVD/Blu-Ray/Special Edition coming for sale April 10, 2018 ! Wow! I will be buying the Special Edition for sure. I am so excited and thank you for updating a very happy and obsessed Outlander fan. I have the Blu-Ray of Seasons 1 and 2 and am enjoying them every minute. This is a very valuable collection – a real keeper. Thank you again.

  2. Does anyone know what the difference is between the Collector’s Edition Blu-rays for $65.99 and the regular Blu-rays ($55.99)?

    • This is my question as well. The Amazon site does not explain what is included in the Collectors Edition.

      • I have the feeling the Collector’s Edition will be more than $65.99 – if you live in Canada. However, we’ll see when it comes on the market. Can hardly wait.

      • This is the reply that Amazon sent to my inquiry to them – nothing that we couldn’t assume on our own, unfortunately..,

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        Message From Customer Service

        I understand that you’d like to know the difference between “Outlander (2014) Season Three” Collector’s Edition and standard edition Blu-ray.

        Upon checking with my resources, I can confirm that Collector’s edition, are originally published products by the producers of recorded music and films. This edition is restricted in the number of copies produced, although in fact the number may be very low or very high. These editions are specially produced and released by the film production companies in very limited copies.

        A collector’s edition implies there is extra material of some kind included. Collector’s edition may have a chipboard box, some art cards and other materials included in it. While a standard Blu-ray has a standard Blu-ray case and they are as regular blue ray disc.

        In case you’ve further queries, please write back to us by visiting the following link. We’ll be glad to assist you.

        • Thank you for the information regarding the Collector’s Edition. As soon as they are out the Collector’s Edition is almost always sold out. They do usually have additional material with them. I really appreciate the update on this.and am looking forward to the time when I can get my copy. Many thanks again.

          • You’re welcome, Rhonda. I was hoping that they’d be more specific about what the extras are in the Collector’s Edition , but I guess we’ll just be happily surprised when we get it!

            • I am know for sure that we all will be happily surprised – I love surprises! Thanks for all the information. It will be great to get either the DVD or Blu-Ray or the Collector’s Edition – there will be no commercials to interrupt a beautiful storey.

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