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Here’s a pic of Sam Heughan 


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13 responses to “New picture of Sam Heughan

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  1. Just rewatched this episode last night. Still excellent.

    Kimberly Robertson
  2. I’m rewatched Outlander season 3. Outlander is a contagious series.

    • Hi Carla: I have just finished rewatching Season 3 – and am now going to watch Seasons 1 and 2 all over again. So much had changed in Jamie’s and Claire’s lives, all the adventure, danger and grief and loss. Season 3 is as you said – excellent. Waiting for the Blu-Ray to come out.

  3. Beauty boy

    Giselle Elim Montú
  4. I love this picture – I love this picture – I love this picture – do I need to say more? I love this picture !!!

    • Hi Angela: So do I – there is something about the picture that says so much – so I’ll just keep loving the picture. Sam Heughan’s Jamie – couldn’t be better.

  5. I can Always tell what is going on with Sam, just by looking into his blue eyes. I’ve been watching Outlander from the very beginning and I know his moves Sam is an excellent Actor. He is having a rough day here!! Love this picture!!

  6. pulls me in it´s spell ..

  7. The colors of this photograph are so amazing – earth tones – which are my favorite, it tells so much about this beautiful land.
    S.H. looks as handsome as aver. I love this picture.

  8. Even dirty he looks good! Episodes 1-4 he was killing it should have been nominated this year.

  9. Absolutely Crystal, total agreeing with you!!! But S.H. has won already the hearts and the love of the world all over – don’t you agree?

  10. Thank you Rhona – S.H. performances are exceptional in everything he does, whatever role he plays he gets in with it.

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