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Here is a NEW Pic of Sam Heughan


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14 responses to “NEW Pic of Sam Heughan

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  1. Not in Cape Town, that’s for sure! Stay warm, Sam! I’ll be visiting in July, for first trip to Scotland!!!

  2. Oh my poor Sam needs a warm body next to him. Looks frozen. Love you Sam.

  3. Bring on the warm blankets and whiskey – that poor man needs warming up! I guess you could say he is really earning his hard earned wages. I have read that Scotland is not enjoying the best weather right now. Thank you for sharing the photo – greatly appreciated. Really missed hearing from you. I look forward to everything you have regarding Outlander – just love it so much.

  4. Poor Sam! I guess their filming the winter scenes from Book 4 right now because much of the book takes place during the summer months in the southern U.S. I’m still trying to figure out how their going to film outdoor scenes where everyone is sweating and complaining about the heat. As I understand it even in summer 70° is high for Scotland. When I was there the first week of September last year we only had a few days that reached low 60s. I know Ron said they would also be filming in other parts of Europe, but hot sunny days that will be a challenge.

    • Hi Lori: I have been wondering about that – I have read “Drums of Autumn” twice now and you are right, much of the book takes place during the summer months. I am sure everyone will work around that one. The book covers so much – I am really excited about Season 4 coming. I feel that Outlander is still the best TV show out there. Love it so much.

  5. I hope @samheughan and @caitrianabalfe will pay you @starz as they are worth triple salary!!

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  6. Oh my goodness!!! It looks pretty cold where you are too – we had cold days here in Canada – windshield factor a few days ago was -37 Celsius
    I will send you blankets to keep you warm – and some good whiskey should help too! Stay warm!!!! I love this picture so natural.

  7. Sorry, correction on “windchill” factor – typo error

    • Hi Angela: Had a chuckle over that one – Windchill factor! I also live in Canada, the Province of Manitoba. Sam definitely does not look too happy trying to keep warm. He is apparently an outdoors type – but when you are sitting waiting for your cue on a tv set, and it is cold, you freeze. Hope he does not get ill.

  8. Good grief, must be pretty frosty. Stay warm and healthy s
    I love Outlander ❤️

  9. Yes Rhona, I know what is like to be on the set and waiting for hours for your turn to work – even though Sam is the outdoor type it can and it does
    get pretty cold without the proper clothing since he needs to wear his costume. We’ll send him some Canadian whiskey – hope he likes it! LOL LOL

    • Hi Angela: At least he will know that we are thinking of him. I have read that Season 4 production is going on during this weekend, so hopefully we’ll get some wonderful news from bonny Scotland.

  10. Poor guy looks frozen like a popsicle.

    • Hi Reve: Had a chuckle over your comment! A very unhappy popsicle at that. I am sure by now that he has warmed up and is enjoying life on the set.

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