NEW Video of Sam Heughan from My Peak Challenge   4 comments

Here is a NEW Video of Sam Heughan from My Peak Challenge

Posted January 16, 2018 by primrosesandrue16 in Sam Heughan

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4 responses to “NEW Video of Sam Heughan from My Peak Challenge

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  1. What a wonderful movement you have created by getting so many people to join and get involved in this exercise program – also it is so good to see so many smiling faces – the results are amazing !!!

  2. So amazing. Loved the video! A big thank you to Sam Heughan for all his enthusiasm, inspiration and dedication to encourage us all to challenge ourselves in many ways. His smile is encouragement enough, but as he says get out there challenge ourselves. And in a way, when we do that we also encourage others around us. Thank you Sam Heughan for being an inspiring leader for My Peak Challenge 2018.

  3. So excited to be a part of this movement!! Can’t wait !!

  4. I’m interested in the 2018 My Peak Challenge. I’m recovering from an injury now my I need to make some in roads to better health. I like participating in events that help others too so it’s a good match. I look forward to finding out more information and participating :). Our 2018 will rock!

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