NEW Jamie and Claire Still from OUtlander Season 4   8 comments

Here is a NEW Jamie and Claire Still from Outlander Season 4 from Entertainment Weekly


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  1. I’m very excited for season 4 and I’ve never really had any negative feelings about any of the changes made from the books to the TV adaptation. However a fair amount of the 4th book was written about them dealing with the summer months and there are some parts that can be done in the freezing cold of Scotland this time of year. I’m wondering how their going to get enough outdoor summer like weather.

  2. Aren’t they taping in SAfrica?

    • Hi Barbara. I know they are taping in Scotland. They had done Season 3 “Voyager” in Scotland and South Africa – that I know. Where else they are planning the rest I have no idea.

  3. My two favourite people, Jamie and Claire. From the photo above, it looks as though they are in a hurry for somewhere. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you
    Maybe someone out there knows the answer to that
    Jamie looks like he’s really into it!!

  5. Wouldn’t be a shrouded body in the back of that wagon, would there? A notorious pirate being smuggled out of town? Hmmmm. Got plenty of time to ponder the possibilities.

  6. After reading the book Drums of Autumn, there was actually a body at the back of the wagon. Can’t tell you who till Season 4 starts, or if you want, read “Drums of Autumn” – a thrilling, amazing book – full of adventure and danger and some very unusual happenings. Jamie and Claire really have a dangerous and challenging life. I loved the book. Hope you can get to read it as well.

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