NEW Video of Sam Heughan from My Peak Challenge 2018   12 comments

Here is a NEW Video of Sam Heughan featuring John Valbonesi from My Peak Challenge 2018

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12 responses to “NEW Video of Sam Heughan from My Peak Challenge 2018

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  1. I will ride my stationery bike each day and double time every week. I started Jan. 1st.

  2. Can i sign up today???

  3. Sally Wannemacher
  4. Need to sign up! I go to site and it is for 2017.

    Sally Wannemacher
  5. I just received my t-shirt and wristband for 2017! 😢 I plan to read 1,000 pages a week, and fly 2,000 miles the next week. Week three will be walking around Ireland, week four the Isle of Man and week five a beach in Portugal, increasing my distance traversed each week! MPC: My Personal Challenge!

  6. I can’t wait to join this in February 2018! I’m so in for the Peak Challenge and the streak peak!!! Bring it on!! 🏋🚴🏊

    Kelly Stainbrook
  7. I plan to hike the first week, second week increase my reps at the gym, third week a marathon, and the fourth walk animals at the local shelter!

    Kelly Stainbrook
  8. Thank you Sam for getting us all to challenge ourselves in our chosen endeavour. I have quite a few and will break them down into time slots. A fantastic way to start every new year and every day. There are many books written about challenging ourselves, but your enthusiasm and example is the best encouragement ever. Can hardly wait till Season 4 comes to us all. A very Happy New Year to you and great success with the MPC2018!

  9. To make a commitment is a challenge in itself – to keep a commitment is more challenging than we think …
    I brisk walk every day for 8 kilometers, and add a few meters every day to build up to 20 kilometers by the end of march – this is my personal challenge.
    Thank you for giving these simple examples so that everyone can enjoy their own challenge.
    It’s just great !!!

    • Hi Angela: Certainly agree with you – to make a commitment is a challenge. Just to commit to ignoring distractions and interruptions while we take on the challenge is an achievement in itself. Wishing you good luck and success with your challenge.

  10. It is funny that Sam mentioned writing the first chapter of your own book because I am writing a book for my nonphysical challenge in 2018

  11. Thank you Rhona! You are so kind – It is so wonderful that we have such a super caring person like Sam Heughan to give encouragement.

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