New picture of Sam Heughan   7 comments

Here’s a new pic of Sam Heughan from his Instagram

Posted December 26, 2017 by fastieslowie in Sam Heughan

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7 responses to “New picture of Sam Heughan

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  1. Looking relaxed and dapper-enjoy your break, Sam. Son and I, in Colorado, Outlander mode-enjoying “Naughty Scot” ale (and a bit of “Wicked Elf”).


  2. Looks a bit chilly there Sam. Are you on a boat or in a convertible sports car?
    I enjoyed your exquisite acting in Series 3 of Outlander. The beach scene was over the top!
    No one could have played Diana’s Jaimie better than you! We love you. 😘 Have a Happy New Year. Hope to meet you in Chicago in August. Hugs

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  3. I wish I was In Edinburgh even more! Beautiful scenery and the bridge is pretty impressive too!


    Kimberly Robertson
  4. Great shot Sam! Hope your holiday is going well & you’re having fun!


  5. Beautiful! Enjoy!


  6. The sun is shining upon your face, beautiful picture enjoy your rest. It is very, very cold where I am too!


  7. Such a great photo of Sam Heughan. A very handsome man and a very talented one too. It looks a little chilly where he is, I hope he is keeping warm. I hope he is having a great holiday. His acting is brilliant – can hardly wait to have Outlander back in the Fall of 2018 – just to see Sam back on the screen again as Jamie. I wish Sam the best of the coming new year 2018 – and that it will be good to him in every way.


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