NEW Pic of Sam Heughan and James McAnerney   13 comments

Here is a NEW Pic of Sam Heughan and James McAnerney


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13 responses to “NEW Pic of Sam Heughan and James McAnerney

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  1. Jamie is being disrespectful to either his cousins employee or the photographer or both. Funny picture. Looks like they all had a bit of fun on set.

  2. Looks like everyone is having fun when filming is over. Love the wigs.

  3. Worst disrespectable picture of Sam I have ever seen!!! Come on “King of Men” don’t lose your respectable loving image.

    • We are watching a show that has explicit sexual content and cursing not to mention the dirty books! It’s all in fun think of it as bad assssse Jamie 😀

      • Think of it as bad publicity. What happens in a fictional story is one thing but to see our handsome true life “King of Men” showing his human
        bad reactions especially at Christmas time—-well coal in your stocking! and no Santa presents!
        Love ya anyway!

  4. That’s a pretty high pedestal you’ve put Sam on! He’s not the “king of men”, he’s an actor portraying a character you’ve come to love and admire. Cut the man some slack …… He’s human with human reactions.

    • Well said. We weren’t there when the photo was taken, so the gesture could have been meant for something else – maybe the wig.

  5. He is the “King of Men” to many even though he portrays it through Jamie. We don’t know the Man as a human. We only know him as our Jamie and Jamie would never be so “human” to his public. Sam has a portrait to sustain for his fans. If we want to know Sam the young human being and not the actor, please come to my house and show me how human you are. My husband won’t like it but c’est la vie!!!!!

  6. Oh please ! Cant you see the funny expressions on their faces, it’s simply a joke, a joke – I am so sure that you have seen much worst pictures
    than this from other people – it’s a funny joke, get on with it.

    • Absolutely! Love your comment – the actors are under a lot of pressure to be playing a part – so they do need some fun too.

  7. Ok you win. But I still like to think of Sam/Jamie as holding a gentleman image.

  8. Absolutely Barbara, Sam/Jamie is holding the title ‘gentlemen’ which he is – But he is also human, yes!

  9. Sorry typo – Gentleman – Thank you

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