NEW Video of Toni Grpahia and Matt Roberts from Sony   2 comments

Here is a NEW Video of Toni Graphia and Matt Roberts from Sony

2 responses to “NEW Video of Toni Grpahia and Matt Roberts from Sony

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  1. Matt hardly ever gets a word in when Toni is there with him!! Love to hear more from him. Same in the Podcasts .. she always ‘goes off ‘track’ and he has to steer her back.

  2. I loved the interview – it makes us appreciate all the hard work, creativity in developing a show. I loved Episode 13 – that hurricane scene was truly amazing, and the look shared between Jamie and Claire when they saw what was coming at them was brilliantly done. As was Claire realizing the connection between the skull analysis at the beginning of Season 3 and Geillis’s violent end. I am finding it unbelievable that Outlander was not nominated for a Golden Globe award. I am shocked and saddened as Outlander was the best and most refreshing show on TV. I have watched and loved every episode in Season 3.

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