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Here is a NEW Interview with Lotte Verbeek from Vulture

From Vulture:

Last week, Outlander’s resident witch and Scottish revolutionary Geillis Duncan returned to the show in a literal blood bath. In Sunday’s season finale, she went out in one. After threatening to murder Claire and Jamie’s daughter to fulfill a prophecy that would restore a Scottish king, Claire swung a cane axe at Geillis’s throat, almost taking her head clear off. Geillis suffered a bloody end, but she died how she lived: fighting for a revolution in Scotland. But is this really the end of our favorite time-traveling Scottish cougar? Could she return to the show through flashbacks or other magic? “I think everything is possible,” Verbeek told Vulture ahead of the big finale. Below, the rest of our chat.

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What were your thoughts when you first read that cave scene? What was your reaction? 
I really liked the idea of being murdered by Claire, my frenemy. I thought it was really good. I didn’t know where we were going to be shooting and it turned out that we built the whole cave structure in the studio. So we were there for a day. The scene has so many elements with the water and the fight between Hercules and Jamie. I think we did a good job — I hope.

How did you prepare? How did you slip into playing Geillis again?
Well, we shot the previous episode before that final cave scene. I was already in Cape Town for a month or so, getting back into her skin. Obviously she’s now in her 50s and 60s, and so she’s a little different. She was overweight and now she’s skinny. We made changes through her hair and some prosthetics. I like the thought of her having been in the Caribbean for so long by herself, holding onto that hope, not knowing when the new Scottish king will rise, but also a little bit defeated. Not completely, of course, because she hasn’t given up, but also she’s growing weary. And so, I used that in the character. It was really cool to see where she went, what had become of her.



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  1. Great Interview! There was a connection in the storey – During Season 3 – Claire is analysing a skull brought to the medical lab. The skull actually belonged to Geillis – as the head had been severed off – just as Claire had dealt the blow to Geillis in the cave. She just realized that when she killed Geillis. Wow! What a finish.

  2. Since I’ve never read the books, by just watching the show, I see little things that clue you to what might happen in the following episodes. I had figured that the skeleton scene was going to be a trigger for something. I started trying to think of a scenario were a “white 40ish Caucasian woman would have her head severed. So, I thought, wow, we haven’t scene Gellis for quite a long time so I immediately thought of something happening to her. Sure enough Claire did not disappoint. I’m still trying to figure if we ever see Murtagh again. And of course Bree and Roger are people who I feel we’ll see again.

    • It is hinted that Murtagh will reappear in Season 4. Bree and Roger play a major part in Drums of Autumn as Bree goes through the stones to warn her Mother and Father about a news article concerning them.

    • It has been hinted that Murtagh will appear in Season 4. Bree and Roger will definitely be in Season 4 as they have a large part to play because Bree goes through the stones to get to her Mother and Father.

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