NEW Inside Episode for Outlander 3×13 “Eye of the Storm”   4 comments

Here is a NEW Inside Episode for Outlander 3×13 “Eye of the Storm”



4 responses to “NEW Inside Episode for Outlander 3×13 “Eye of the Storm”

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  1. Why can I not see most of your posts? Thank you,   Connie   (VERY VERY FRUSTRATING)

  2. It’s truly amazing to listen to Ron and all the other producers explain how they pull off the fantastic scenes we are all just so accustomed to. They all do such amazing work. I sincerely hope STARZ allows this series to continue the full 8 seasons. It would be a shame to not allow this wonderful series and all the great people who make it what it is to bring it to it’s 8 book conclusion.


    • Beautifully put! I love your comment. I love all the episodes in Season 3. I am very sad to know that Outlander is not up for a nomination for the Golden Globe awards, I am shocked as well as this show was brilliantly done. Sam Heughan certainly deserved to be nominated but wasn’t – he was amazing. I am pulling for Caitriona Balfe for her to win the Golden Globe award – she certainly deserves it.


  3. Yes, I would be extremely disappointed to loose this epic, masterpiece series. DroughtLander is bad enough.

    Loved hearing this information. Thank you for doing this interview and for sharing it.


    Sandra Ninas-Scheffel

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