Caitriona Balfe nominated for Golden Globes   6 comments

Woohoo!!! Caitriona Balfe is nominated for an Golden Globes award


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6 responses to “Caitriona Balfe nominated for Golden Globes

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  1. She is well deserving of it..

  2. and what about Sam how can they keep overlooking his performance

  3. I’m so excited for Cait! I don’t understand why Sam keeps getting ignored. They both deserve a lot more recognition than they and the show have been getting! Good luck to Cait!

  4. Wonderful news for Cait! Sam & the Show gets overlooked again!! Shame it’s a great show, in front & behind the scenes.

  5. I’m so thrilled for Caitriona Balfe. She’s a wonderful actress and if anyone deserves to be recognized it’s Caitriona. It is disappointing that the people behind the scene have not be nominated … they’re doing such a fantastic job, all of them and they’ve put so much effort and work into the realization of this fantastic show. I’m certain that their nomination will come as well in the near future.

    Danielle Levasseur
  6. Caitriona Balfe deserves to win the Golden Globe award for all her hard work and brilliant acting. I am saddened and shocked that Sam Heughan, the TV show Outlander, and all the creators as well, were not nominated for an award. I find it unbelievable that Sam Heughan was not nominated. I am pulling for Caitriona Balfe all the way – she had a amazing knowledge of Claire and her struggles dealing with time travel, a loveless marriage to Frank, and the courage to go back in time to find Jamie. Good Luck to Caitriona.

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