New video from the cast of Outlander   66 comments

Here’s a new video from the Outlander cast

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66 responses to “New video from the cast of Outlander

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  1. Loved this season – so very well done! Impatient for the next season to begin. But you’ve all earned a good break + R&R!!!

    • Yes! Totally loved this season!! You all did a magnificent job! Especially Caitriona and Sam!! Will miss you and can’t wait til next season!! ❤️

    • Loved, loved, loved this season and the show in general. You guys are nothing short of magnificent. Thanks for bringing our beloved characters to life. Wishing you and the fantastic crew a restful holiday. Looking forward to next season!!

  2. What a season; what an episode! Cast, acting, writing, directing, costuming, production-everyone and everything about this series is unsurpassed in quality. Every episode is like a movie experience, and the special effects of the hurricane “blew me away.” Looking forward to Season 4 and many more because they are worth the wait. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Can’t wait

  4. Thanks for your hard work while this retired schoolteacher just sits and enjoy. You all do a terrific job. Great casting.

  5. I watched last night. It was wonderful! Thank You for your hard work. Can’t wait for Season 4!!!

  6. No words to fully say about your superb acting
    May you all have a wonder marry Christmas 🎄 and happy new year 🎆🎊🎄

  7. I watched it 6 times today, it was an incredible season. Thank you all for doing such an amazing job. Can’t wait for season 4, guess i need rehab

  8. Love love love the show, I can’t stop watching it from beginning to end. Love all the characters, but I’d have to say that Jamie is my favourite, so excited and can’t wait for season 4.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy new year.
    Love you all xxxxx

  9. I am sitting here watching the Outlander marathon story , one episode after the other. It is a totally new experience seeing it as on continuous story ! Amazing and so many tie-in left from each episode to the next one. Loving every minute of it !

  10. Thx cast and crew esp Sam And Cait for bringing Outlander to tv. Great dedication from acting to costumes to scenic sites and Scottish heritage and history. May you all have the very best, peaceful and loving holiday season. Thank you so much!

  11. Thank you so much to the cast and crew from Sam and Cait to the costumers, set designers, scouts,etc for bringing Outlander to tv. It has brought so much to our lives and Scottish heritage but to those who have lived deeply and lost. Special thx to Sam and Cait and may all have a lovely warm and glorious holiday season with the ones you love!

  12. Loved this season! I so wish it would never end! I watch each episode over and over again! I have it all record
    ed on my DVR!

  13. I agree with all of the sentiments above. Excellent acting from all the actors! Great casting, great cinematography, great attention to details, great costuming, great directing, great producing. I am hooked and I am very hopeful that all the books will be brought to the television screen. As a cherry on top, I would love for everyone who makes this show great gets recognized at the awards shows. I love, love, love this show. I have my husband addicted to it as well as his boss, his friends and my friends. It is so awesome to have people to share the show with. I can’t say a bad thing about the show because it is so great!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  14. Fabulous Season 3 and the finale was perfection! Thanks for bringing your superb acting talent to Outlander. Everyone in every part of the show has brought a level of excellence to TV that is unmatched! I am a very grateful fan and wish each of you a wonderful break during the Holidays!!

  15. What a fantastic season 3 and a brilliant finale. The cast and crew have worked so hard to make it great for all the fans. You all deserve an Oscar!! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Xxxxxxxx

  16. What a wonderful season 3 and the finale was fantastic. Cast and crew alike have gone above and beyond to bring this story to life for us all. You deserve an Oscar!! Thank you everyone. I hope you all have a fantastic break over Christmas and that Santa is good to you. Enjoy a wonderful New Year too. Slainte!!

  17. LOVE you and wish you all a happy Christmas and a splendid New Year in 2018. You are all fabulous actors and much appreciated by us, the viewers. Many, many thanks for the joy you bring.

  18. Thank you for another fantastic season of Outlander. Looking forward to season 4 next year. In the meantime may you all have a well deserved break. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a super happy and safe New Year. Much love. XX

  19. Thank you for all your hard work! You are all outstanding and I absolutely LOVED this season! Happy holidays to you and your families. Xo

  20. I am already excited to binge watch all 3 seasons again!
    I love Outlander!

  21. Thank you for this season of Outlander. You were all superb and have brought all your characters to life. To the directors and crew who help you make this all possible. I wish everyone the best of Holidays and enjoy your time off to be with your family.
    From one very happy Outlander.

  22. enjoyed the season finale… looking forward to season 4… great work to everyone

  23. Loved all of season 3! Especially the finale!! Worth the wait too! Can’t wait for season 4! Great job to the new cast! You all fit right in perfectly! Looking forward to seeing Sophie & Richard next season!❤️❤️❤️

  24. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for bringing a love of mine to life and letting me share it with so many others! My husband and I are going to Italy and Scotland next year and I am beyond excited to have another opportunity to explore Scotland together. I appreciate you all so much and the respect you have for our love of Outlander and the characters. Many blessings and looking forward to Season 4 and the sneak peek this evening!

  25. wonderful season..Merry Christmas and Happy 2018 to all the Outlander crew..looking forward to season 4..

  26. Thank you so much for a brilliant season. Outstanding acting by the entire cast. My favorite program to watch and re-watch. Thank you for all the joy you’ve given your many fans, especially here in the U.S. where our daily political outlook is so negative. It’s wonderful to escape with Outlander! Merry Christmas you wonderful people!!

  27. I’ve watched all the episodes and read all the books! Love this series, please don’t stop! Best wishes to all. Looking forward to rather new year and you! Thanks again, Jennie

  28. Another brilliant season that went too fast! I’ll be watching season one again to re live that special connection between Jamie and Claire. Great acting from wonderful actors!! Thanks for your magic!! Looking forward to season four! x

  29. Loved this season! Such a rich feast for the eyes or ayes lol All amazing incredible actors! Will be reading the series for the first time during droughtlander! Looking forward to season 4. Stay blessed!

  30. Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year!! Thank you for making one of the best shows on TV! Sam & Cait , thanks for your dedication to bringing Jamie and Claire alive. I hope we have a few more seasons. Loved the finale!!

  31. Merry Christmas, happy Chanukah , happy new year and happy festivus. Thanks for putting on a great show.

  32. Merry Christmas happy Chanukah happy new year to you all. Thanks for entertaining me with a great story and terrific characters

  33. Thank you so much for a wonderful season Happy Holidays to all .See you in the new year

    Miz Val (@vrb1955)
  34. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks for a wonderful season!

  35. Enjoyed the season & happy for Jamie & Claire to be together after so many trials.
    Sam & Cait & crew Merry Christmas and a joyful 2018

  36. It has been a pleasure watching everyone in this series. All the characters were just superb. Happy New Year to you all and anxiously await the new season. And kudos to the director and all that had anything to do with this production.

  37. All I can say is… WOW!!! Season 3 was superb! Hurry up Season 4!! Can’t wait for next year!

  38. It’s been an amazing season! Great job all. Start the finale now. ❤️❤️❤️

  39. Loved it…wishing you all an outstanding holiday season.

  40. Thank you once again for your superb interpretation of a wonderful series of books written by DG. Thank you Diana for writing them! Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season to all!

  41. Yoyanere! (Mohawk for good job)

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the season and look forward to the next. The cast and crew never cease to amaze!

    Caroline VanEvery-Albert
  42. Verra happy with the season and look forward to the next! You all rock!

  43. Thank you for such a wonderful production and your fine acting abilities that make it like your aren’t acting at all it’s so natural!!

  44. Thank you for bringing this series to life!! I love it!!

  45. Thank you once again for another fantastic season! You are all amazing at what you do. Looking forward to the next season. Love the twists and turns!

  46. Thank you to the cast and crew of Outlander!! Season 3 was so awesome!! Merry Christmas and Happy New! Can’t wait to see season4

  47. I was blown away (pun intended) by this episode and really by the entire season! Just when I think Outlander can’t get any better, you surpass expectations every time! So looking forward to season 4 and hopefully all of Diana’s Outlander series will be brought to life on screen…. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this amazing story!

  48. Great season, can’t wait for the next! I’m sure your glad to get rid of the water and sand! Merry Christmas.

  49. I can’t believe it – Season 3 is over! Just sort of sat there when it finished and thought “Oh No”. – Season 4 is going to start really soon – right? I have watched and rewatched all the episodes of Season 3 – all the actors, directors, writers, Crew and cast have given us a real treasure. Sam and Caitriona are the very best – and brought Jamie and Claire to life for us. They are like family. All the actors were superb. Thank you for keeping us all updated as Season 3 developed along. I would to wish everyone – Cast and Crew a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – May the new year be good to all of you. Season 3 was amazing – and what a journey it was. Loved the hurricane at the end of Season 3 – Wow! Beautifully done.

  50. My thanks go to you all for such an amazing season 3, which has flown by far to quickly!! 🙂
    Have a wonderful Christmas, which is much deserved after all the hard work!! 🙂
    See you next year…..Happy New Year too!!
    Chris xx

  51. Can’t believe it’s over. I felt like you squeezed so much in the last finale… we could’ve watched more like the first season.. i hope you have more season 4. You see so good at your craft it’s a delight to watch each week. I’ve read, reread and listened to the Books every season. I will miss every Saturday night at 12:00 midnight and again I’m sunday nights to watch and watch each episode at least 3 -8 Times!!! 🤪 please keep on going don’t stop, please!!! Thank you so much!!

  52. Can’t believe it’s over, so soon , have a great Christmas everyone, see you all again soon

  53. Delightful, all of it. Congrats to all and so looking forward to season 4.

  54. From beautiful Athens Greece, thanks for a fantastic season 3! Looking forward to Season 4. Many wishes for happy holidays to all the Outlander Family!!

    Ossie Ioakimidou (female)
  55. Thank you for this wonderful season. Well Done All of You! So looking forward to Season 4!

  56. Well done to everyone for a wonderful series I loved the Scottish scenery and glad the main character is Scottish and gorgeous 😀

  57. A job will done from Season 1 to 3. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a super wonderful New Year – 2018 !!!
    Looking forward to season 4

  58. Loved this season, and so so looking forward to next season….. Fantastic show, fantastic actors, and costumes, and extras, and writers, and well, everything….love it so much. What was different this year? My husband actually started watching it with me…love it!

  59. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the actors and to the directors, producers, writers and crew who have worked so hard to give us such an outstanding program. Thank you.

    Danielle Levasseur
  60. Happy Holidays to all and thank you for an awesome season!❤️

  61. Happy Holidays and thank you for an awesome season!❤️

  62. Thank you for your terrific performances that gave us hours of entertainment. Loved Season 3. Looking forward to Season 4 (with, hopefully, Seasons 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 in the future). Wishing all of you and yours the best of holidays and a wonderful New Year!

  63. Fabulous season, many thanks!

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