NEW Teaser Trailer for Outlander Season 4   5 comments

Here is the NEW Teaser Trailer for Outlander Season 4

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  1. Glad to see Claire has a new outfit. I loved the batsuit, but imagine the hurricane rendered it unfit to wear. Can’t wait for season 4 and watch the Frasers live their American dream.

  2. I was on the edge of my seat for this episode. I was anxiously await Season 4. This series is a gift. The actors are beyond wonderful.

  3. Season 3 was worth every minute. We waited for along time for it – it was an amazing journey – Sam and Caitriona were brilliant and deserve awards for all their hard work. We also met new friends along the way, Fergus, Marsali and many others. I love the Teaser Trailer for Season 4 – can hardly wait till it hits the TV screen. I know it will be as fascinating as Season 3 was. Thank you for sharing the teasers with us.

  4. Seriously? Is this all we get to see? 20 sec? I thought we would get a preview of whats to come. But yea its a teaser alright makes ya hopeful and shows ya nothing 🙁 Really sad right now, had hoped for more 🙁

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