*New* Pic of Sam Heughan   6 comments

Here’s a new pic of Sam Heughan. 

  Here you go then, for all who asked, another photo of yer man.

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6 responses to “*New* Pic of Sam Heughan

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  1. Now he’s gray? Must be for S4.

  2. Oh my, he is truely one of the great❤️

  3. Thank you. This is an awesome picture.

  4. A fantastic photo of Sam Heughan. Always so handsome no matter where or when. Where was the location! and when was it taken? He does look as though his hair is a little grey but that could be just the camera shading. Thank for you for the photo. I hope Sam gets awarded for all the hard work he has put into Outlander.

  5. Gorgeous!!

  6. A fantastic person! You are our winner in all of our hearts! Thank you!!!!

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