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New interview of Lotte Verbeek with NY Post   3 comments

New interview of Lotte Verbeek with NY Post

From NY Post

It’s understandable if you thought that a naked woman emerging from a blood-filled bathtub Sunday night on TV was a scene from FX’s pulpy “American Horror Story” — or a rerun of HBO’s “True Blood.”

It was actually murderous, time-traveling political zealot Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek), who made a surprising (if bloody) return to “Outlander,” the time-traveling Starz period drama, now in its third season and known for being slow and sedate — if a bit steamy at times. But when Geillis reappeared in Sunday night’s episode, “Outlander’s” tone pivoted towards high camp.

“I was delighted to do it,” says Verbeek, 35. “There’s quite a lot to blood bathing — making sure you don’t float and staying under the surface, and washing off after every single take.”

“Outlander” revolves around the adventures of Claire (Caitriona Balfe), a time traveling nurse from the 1900s, and Jamie (Sam Heughan), a Scottish highlander from the 1700s. In Season 1, when Claire was displaced in 18th century Scotland, the mysterious Geillis was initially her friend. Eventually, however, it was revealed that Geillis was also a time-traveler with a penchant for killing her husbands and a zeal to see a Scot on the British throne — no matter who stands in her way. The end of Season 3 re-introduced the character after a 20-year time jump, and she enters with a bloody bang.

“The idea is that I walk out [of the bathtub] like this tigress, but all I was trying to do was not fall flat on my face,” Verbeek says. “It was really slippery. We took an entire day for that scene. I’m glad we did; it was supposed to be an epic moment of this woman returning.

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NEW BTS Pics of From Outlander 3×12 “The Bakra”   1 comment

Here are some NEW BTS Pics from Outlander 3×12 “The Bakra”

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NEW Interview with Caitriona Balfe from Radio Times   4 comments

Here is a NEW Interview with Caitriona Balfe from Radio Times

From Radio Times:

Outlander episode The Bakra had some major twists up its sleeve, reintroducing Lord John Grey and Geillis Duncan – a character not seen on screens since the series two finale and presumed dead.

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