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Here is a NEW Interview with Lotte Verbeek from Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

Forget the Red Wedding. Have you ever seen anything more frightening than the Red Bath?

In Sunday’s episode of Outlander, the time-tripping Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek) returned to the plot in a very grisly manner — by stepping out of a literal blood bath. (Props to director Charlotte Brändström for the Mrs. Robinson-like way she filmed Verbeek’s leg emerging out of the pool with Young Ian sitting wide-eyed in the background.) I asked the Dutch actress, who was last seen returning through the stones at the end of season 2, to explain how she executed her crimson comeback.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was that literal blood bath like?
LOTTE VERBEEK: They warmed it up to body temperature. After a couple of takes my skin was getting really red and my face as well, because it really warms you up. It was also really slippery, which made it tricky to get out of the tub without falling flat on my face and then walk toward Young Ian in this predatorily foreboding way.I would just try and not fall and slip. But I just had an amazing time because it was a really interesting concept, this combination of eerie and beauty. And I’ve never seen somebody completely covered in blood. It was interesting to look at the patterns on my skin and how it progressed as I walked out of it.

What was it made of?
It was something harmless, apparently. It was supposed to be something like a natural color rinse with glucose, or like some sort of sweet, syrupy-like substance. Because not only does it have be the right color, but it also has to have the right thickness. It had to look realistic. They did an amazing job, but I was just thinking of the order: “Let’s order like 500 gallons of fake blood and warm it up.”

Let’s recap: So when you went back through the stones at the end of season 2, your goal was to save Scotland, right?
Yes. That was always the idea. But now that we have found Geillis as Mrs. Abernathy in Jamaica and it’s obviously so many years later, that didn’t work out. So now she’s just kind of settling for wanting to know when the new Scottish king will rise. At this point, it might not happen in her lifetime. So there’s also a sadness in this big dream. She wanted to change the course of history. That didn’t happen.


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  1. Great interview. I just saw the episode 12 – absolutely mesmerizing! Brilliantly acted. Young Ian isn’t so young and naive any more. He has grown up almost overnight. A lot of tension between Claire, Jamie and Lord Grey. Beautifully acted on everyone’s part. Outlander is due for many awards after all this.

  2. I agree Lord Grey was especially good. We could read in his eyes what was going through his mind. His look of surprise when he realized that it was actually Claire standing there was so real. A big hand of applause for his good acting.

    Danielle Levasseur
  3. I agree with you there. I guess Lord John Grey didn’t ever think that Claire would appear – but Jamie did say that “she was gone” in the earlier episodes of Season 3, he didn’t say that she was dead. So, it must have been quite a surprise.

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