Short new promo for Outlander season 3   4 comments

Here’s a short new promo for the last two episodes of Outlander season 3

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4 responses to “Short new promo for Outlander season 3

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  1. Best series on t.v!!! SAM HEUGHAN deserves to win for S3!!!

    • Absolutely agree with you! Sam Heughan does deserve to win for Season 3 – such a brilliant actor – He has this amazing depth of emotion and understanding.

  2. This is the preview for Episode 312….not 313. It came on at the end of Uncharted….311.

  3. Thank you for sharing the promo above. Oh My! There is no end to all the danger and adventure. Poor Young Ian!. Now Jamie is in real trouble, again. Can hardly wait till Episode 12 shows on Sunday. Am also sad because there is only 1 more after this Sunday, then that is it till Season 4 comes to the screen. Thank you again for the promo.

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