NEW Still from Outlander 3×11 “Uncharted”   6 comments

Here is a NEW Still from Outlander 3×11 “Uncharted”


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  1. Took FOREVER to see Jamie in this episode, and only 2 left…..what shall we do during Droughtlander!!!!

  2. All those hard working men. Love the picture. Thank you for sharing. Sam looks so handsome even when he looks work worn.

  3. Loved this episode!

  4. Do I see a Golden Globe Award for Outlander – sure do! Episode 11 was brilliant.

  5. I have read some of the comments from some fans who wanted “more Jamie-Claire” material in the Turtle Soup episode, saying too much time was spent with Claire in the jungle. I disagree with them. There are some other comments in which some fans apparently forget that Outlander is actually about Claire’s experiences, with and without Jamie. Nevertheless, the producers and directors, in my opinion, have tried to stay as close to D. Gabaldon’s narrative as is possible, to adjust in the process of filming. I thought it was particularly funny that Mr. Wilhouby’s pelican (bird) was replaced by a rooster in a cage given to Father Fogle and I understand why this change in the script was made, because I have read the book! Time wise, it would have been too much with Whilouby and the pelican and, likewise, with changes in the wedding between Fergus and Marsali! It’s main points were made in both examples! Be patient Fans, read the book, and you will see how close the film-makers are actually applying the filming to their Consultant, Diana Gabaldon’s, Outlander narrative. I am enjoying all of the episodes and anxious to see the rest, and those yet to come all the way to “Written In My own Heart’s Blood!” (I hope).

    • Beautifully said. I agree with you 100%. I, too, have read the book “Voyager”, and I loved it, but I also am enjoying all the episodes (are rewatching them as well). The producers, directors and writers have done a brilliant job with Season 3. Thank you again Gloria for you comment

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