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Here is a NEW Pic of David Berry


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14 responses to “NEW Pic of David Berry

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  1. What the heck happened to him? Are the bandages real or for a role? I hope our dear LJG is okay?

  2. Love the Toronto toque!

  3. Gorgeous fellow Aussie oi oi oi!❤️
    Looks cute in pic but there is something about a man in costume…🙃

  4. Sooo David- did u wear your own hair in a ponytail in outlander, or a wig?

  5. He’s perfect in that role.

    Danielle Levasseur
  6. Looking forward to seeing more of David Berry in Outlander. So sorry about the bandages though – he doesn’t look too thrilled.

  7. Never thought I would see Lord John Grey in a Toronto Blue Jay’s cap. Hate to see David Berry banged up. Not too serious, I hope? Loved you in every scene you were in this year. Brilliant acting and perfectly cast. Hope to see lots more of you in Outlander and in other shows as well.

  8. Lord John Grey came to Jamie’s rescue, again. I loved the way he dealt with that silly young captain in episode 13 – he sure put him in his place.

  9. David has this pic on his Instagram account with this comment:

    mrdavidberryGoodbye suspicious looking mole, hello scar

    Glad he got it off if it was suspicious. I hope Sam has a dermatologist keeping an eye on his facial moles too. He spends a lot of time outdoors. Hope he remembers to slather on lots of sunscreen. Melanoma is nothing to screw around with!

  10. I have one too but am afraid to have it taken off. Hear it’s painful. Maybe I could ask David Berry to come with me and hold my hand!!!

    Danielle Levasseur

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