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Here is a NEW Interview with Caitriona Balfe from Radio Times

From Radio Times:

Claire Fraser really will go to any lengths to be reunited with her husband. Outlander’s latest instalment, Heaven & Earth, saw the newly restored couple separated once again after Claire (Caitriona Balfe) boarded British ship The Porpoise to help with the outbreak of typhoid that had blighted their crew, only to be kidnapped when the Captain made a bid for the shore.

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Claire spent much of the episode plotting her escape, especially once she discovered that among the Porpoise’s crew was Harry Tompkins – the man who was on Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) tail in Edinburgh. With her husband’s life in peril (he would be hung for his crimes upon landing in the Caribbean), Claire was hellbent on warning him, so much so that the closing moments of Heaven & Earth saw her leap into the ocean on a raft, with the help of Annekje – the guardian of the ship’s goats.

So, what happens next? Does Claire make it to shore? We spoke to actress Caitriona Balfe who filled us in on what to expect from next week’s episode Uncharted:

“[Claire] leaps into the ocean and she gets washed up on shore but not exactly where she thinks that she should be,” explains Balfe. “So I think she spends quite some time trying to figure out where she is and how she is going to finally get back to Jamie to be able to warn him of what she’s found out.”



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  1. A great interview. Caitriona is a very compassionate person and is able to bring that into her acting. The interview was very “down to earth” in describing the ongoing relationship between Jamie and Claire. Theirs is a very rare love – so beautiful to watch. Caitriona was brilliant in Episode 10, as she is in all the episodes. Thank you Caitriona for giving us Claire. The Critic’s Awards is coming up on Dec. 11 – it would be wonderful to have you rewarded for all your hard work.

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