NEW Clip from Outlander 3×11 “Uncharted”   5 comments

Here is a NEW Clip from Outlander 3×11 “Uncharted”

Click on the pic or here to watch

5 responses to “NEW Clip from Outlander 3×11 “Uncharted”

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  1. Things are getting more complicated and dangerous for Claire. The “clip” would not open for me, However, I know that Claire will get out of this predicament very well by her pure determination to find Jamie.

  2. Doona fash yourself, this part isn’t in the books, be interesting to see how the writers get Claire out of this predicament.

    • You are right – it isn’t in the book Voyager. I have read all of the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon – love every one of them. Jamie and Claire are quite the couple. As for Episode 3.11 I guess I’ll have to wait still Sunday to see how everything goes. When Claire went through the Stones the second time, I am sure she didn’t realize the wild ride ahead of her. Does anyone know when the DVD/BluRay for Season will be on the market?

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