NEW Clip from Outlander 3×11 “Uncharted”   5 comments

Here is a NEW Clip from Outlander 3×11 “Uncharted”

Click on the pic or here to watch

5 responses to “NEW Clip from Outlander 3×11 “Uncharted”

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  1. Things are getting more complicated and dangerous for Claire. The “clip” would not open for me, However, I know that Claire will get out of this predicament very well by her pure determination to find Jamie.

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  2. Doona fash yourself, this part isn’t in the books, be interesting to see how the writers get Claire out of this predicament.


    • You are right – it isn’t in the book Voyager. I have read all of the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon – love every one of them. Jamie and Claire are quite the couple. As for Episode 3.11 I guess I’ll have to wait still Sunday to see how everything goes. When Claire went through the Stones the second time, I am sure she didn’t realize the wild ride ahead of her. Does anyone know when the DVD/BluRay for Season will be on the market?


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