*New* Trailer for Episode 3×11 of Outlander “Uncharted”   5 comments

Here’s the trailer for episode 3×11 of Outlander “Uncharted”. 

5 responses to “*New* Trailer for Episode 3×11 of Outlander “Uncharted”

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  1. No more greys for Claire?

  2. I can’t wait 😉

  3. Can hardly wait – Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a great, gutsy portrayal of a brave woman Cait gives us. Inspiration to live up to. She obviously feels the fear, but does what she must anyway. Big round of applause!

    • I agree 100%. Episode 10 was outstanding. She does feel the fear, but is she ever brave facing the knowledge that Jamie is slated to face the executioner again, but she is NOT going to let that happen. That was quite the scene where she had that sharp slicer in her hand facing that miserable one-eye man making him talk. Yikes!

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