NEW Pic of Sam Heughan   9 comments

Here is a NEW Pic of Sam Heughan


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9 responses to “NEW Pic of Sam Heughan

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  1. Christmas motives. 2017 is almost past away. Another year is aproach. Life goes on. Sam wish you the best.

  2. Mr. Sunshine himself. Such a talented actor! I love his smile and I like the sweater he is holding. A big thank you to Sam for giving us Jamie Fraser.

  3. Such a wonderfully talented and handsome man
    He excels in all he does and best of everything to him.
    He is number one reason I am obsessed with
    Outlander and his fan!

  4. I’m not obsessed with Outlander anymore but I do love watching it when I can and the reason why I do is for Caitriona Balfe. She is brilliant.

    Danielle Levasseur
    • Sorry to hear that. Yes Caitriona Balfe is brilliant – love watching her act. I love watching Sam’s role as Jamie as well. I am rereading “Dragonfly In Amber” and soon Voyager will also be a reread. Though they can’t include everything in the TV show, I loved reading the books mainly because of the indepth conversations between Jamie and Claire. They both have a great sense of humour, a great respect for each other. Their type of love is very rare. To open up to your partner as they have takes a lot of courage and a trust in your partner for them to truly understand. Jamie and Claire had that.

  5. Loved books, husband and I enjoying show, can’t wait for season 3 final episode tomorrow night!!! Sam & Caitriona doing beautiful job together & separately. Great season! One of favorite episodes is “Lost Things” — Sam’s expressive face, Willie, LJG. And song at end. Brilliant!

  6. I can’t even tell you how much I have and still enjoying OUTLANDER it is a spectacular show – all episodes are my favorite – I only wish that it would
    have more episodes due to the fact that I did not want the season to end. And yes, Sam’s smile is always good to see.

  7. I must admit that although I hated Black Jack I do miss Tobias Menzies. He is a great actor. It could not have been easy to act two such very opposite characters. You could read in his eyes what was going though his mind .. now that’s acting. Hope to see him soon in other roles.

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