NEW Scene from Outlander 3×10 “Heaven and Earth”   3 comments

Here is a NEW Scene from Outlander 3×10 “Heaven and Earth”

3 responses to “NEW Scene from Outlander 3×10 “Heaven and Earth”

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  1. There’s a very talented man who deserves an Emmy Award, along with his lead co-star, some supporting actors, the costume and set designers,! Well done, all!

    • I love your comment – well said. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe do deserve Emmy’s and many other awards for their roles in Outlander. The Outlander Series also deserves awards for being the best. There is so much talent in this show – it is amazing. I am certainly keeping up my hopes that Sam and Caitriona will be honoured as they should be.

  2. Fascinating in all sense of the word. Outlander is the best on television – I look at it as a movie and not as a t.v. series and look forward to
    Sunday night for the next episode. Sure hope that THEY win everything. Fantastic!!!!

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