NEW Still of Claire Fraer in Outlander 3×10 “Heaven And Earth”   8 comments

Here is a NEW Still of Claire Fraser in Outlander 3×10 “Heaven and Earth”


8 responses to “NEW Still of Claire Fraer in Outlander 3×10 “Heaven And Earth”

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  1. That does not look like Caitriona Balfe.

  2. Who is that? It’s not Caitriona. Maybe a double?

  3. It is Cait, widen the picture and you’ll see it’s her, same nose, eyebrows and hands.

  4. The lighting, angle, and hair covered up all play tricks on the eyes. It’s Cait. 😊

  5. I enlarged the photo above, and that is Caitriona Balfe. The lighting, angle and colorization of the photo can change a person’s appearance a bit – but that is Caitriona Balfe.

  6. We need another picture. This one doesn’t look like our heroine.

    • our heroine is doing what she does best. HELPING AND HEALING.

      • Imagine being plunged from the 1960’s back into the 1760’s – and faced with the superstitions and lack of medical knowledge in those days! Claire does have a challenge on her hands – I love the way in which she holds her own against Captains, and crew. Women were bad luck on ship in those days – so she had a lot to contend with.

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