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Here is a NEW Interview with Ron Moore from Assignment X

From Assignment X:

OUTLANDER is now in its third season Sunday nights on Starz. Twentieth-century nurse-turned-surgeon Claire Randall, played by Caitriona Balfe, was forced to leave eighteenth-century Scotland by her great love, Highlander Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), before the Battle of Culloden. After a sojourn raising their daughter in England and America through the 1960s, Claire has found her way back to Jamie. Even though twenty years have passed for both of them, their passion remains true.

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Ronald D. Moore is the executive producer/show runner who adapted OUTLANDER from Diana Gabaldon’s series of best-selling novels. He talks about what the show has in common with another series he developed, the Syfy Channel BATTLESTAR: GALACTICA, and about OUTLANDER’s connection to Starz’s now-concluded pirate series BLACK SAILS, among other things.

ASSIGNMENT X: Is OUTLANDER shaping up pretty much the way you expected? If not, what have been some of the surprises?

RONALD D. MOORE: I’m not sure what my expectation was this far down the line. I had an expectation of what I thought the first season would be like. It changed under our feet and varied a little bit, but not in dramatic ways. You have an idea, you read the book, and I formed pictures in my mind about what it’s going to look like and how it’s going to feel and the rhythm of the production. And then you do it, and it just inevitably shifts and changes. I didn’t anticipate we were going to do the way we did the ending of the season, or that we would spend two episodes in Wentworth Prison and all that. When I initially pitched the series, it was going forward. And then beyond Book 1, I really only had the vaguest ideas about how it would feel or what it would really be like, and I’ve kind of approached each season one on one. We’re working on [Season] 4 right now, haven’t really given much thought to 5, 6, 7, or 8. This is the one that’s right in front of me. I’m familiar with where the story goes and I get the basic plot threads, but it’s more about, “Okay, where am I right now,” and you just try to move forward.

AX: The Loch Ness monster shows up somewhere in the books. Does that get represented in the show?

MOORE: Well, there was a scene in Season 1 that was in the book, and we cut it. So we’re not playing that. Some things are not going to work on camera as well as they work in the book.


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  1. Episode 9 was very well done I thought. I found that the ageing of J and C is very believable. Glad to see the 2 Scott’s Jamie knew in prison seem to be filling some of the void left since Angus and Rupert were written off. Marsalis is every bit the bitch her mother is. Hope her character doesn’t play much in the writers storyline. Her disrespect for Clair is not very enjoyable to watch and as with Laeorghire no one ever puts her in her place. Jamie should explain to her the illegal marriage to her mother released him from any responsibility to them and she better stop being as annoying as her Mother was. Glad to see J and C getting back in grove with each other. I hope the few episodes left writers give fans more of that lovely chemistery that has made them such a joy to watch for 3 seasons. Mr. Willobby did an excellent job also.thank you writers for a good episode. I was hoping J and C would visit Faiths grave when in France as in book. Jamie’s left hand-still no sign of its damage from B J R torture.

    • Great comment. Marsalis is a handful alright! There is a lot in the book that is not in the show and for good reason, not enough time. I really like Mr. Willoughby – he is very aware of the dangers aboard ship, he is also very humourous. I think Jamie explaining anything to Marsali would fall on deaf ears. After 20 years I guess Jamie’s wounded hand would heal somewhat. I love you views. I loved episode 9 as well. So much adventure ahead.

  2. Really enjoying Season 3 — great casting of Young Ian, Fergus, & Marsali. Shows how hard it is to reconnect after 20 years … well written & played. Loved seeing Jamie on rigging saving his man with humor and strength. Willoughby is outstanding — perfect casting. I like saucy Marsali — a very headstrong young woman is a good counter point to strong-minded Claire. She needs a challenge! Great reference to favorite children’s book Goodnight Moon. Nice touch to show Mom missing her child. Looking forward to last 4 episodes, Season 4, and beyond. Thanks Ron D. Moore for great production value throughout.

  3. Really great interview with Ron. Glad to hear he’s in it all the way. BTW my husband enjoys watching the show too!

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