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Here is a NEW Interview with Bear McCreary from Mashable

From Mashable:

Bear McCreary’s sweeping score has always been an integral part of Outlander, effortlessly transporting us across decades and countries with just a few elegant notes, weaving together compositions that can instantly evoke the dramatic chaos of battle or the tender intimacy of a kiss even if we were watching with our eyes closed.

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But McCreary’s work isn’t limited to the episodes themselves; while most TV shows stick with one main title theme throughout a series’ run, McCreary and showrunner Ron Moore have been devoted to evolving the sound of the show throughout the seasons, beginning with the opening credits. 

“It’s the biggest change we’ve ever done on the main title,” McCreary tells Mashable. “Starting with episode 9 to the end, the score of the show changes radically.”

While the main titles will always be anchored by Raya Yarbrough’s haunting rendition of “The Skye Boat Song,” observant fans will have noticed that the musical influences in the opening credits have shifted over the years. Season 1 was unabashedly Scottish, utilizing Celtic instrumentation like the robust sounds of bagpipes and drums, while Season 2 had a decidedly more Baroque influence as Jamie and Claire traveled to France, using a string instrument called the viola de gamba for a distinctly Parisian sound. 


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  1. Loved the music they have chosen, no matter what Season 1, 2 or 3 and I am sure it will also there will be a change for Season 4. It will be great, no matter what.

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