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Here’s a new interview of Matt Roberts with THR

From THR

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Outlander executive producer Matt B. Roberts about what this latest split means for Jamie and Claire and why a certain fan-favorite character was left out of this episode.

The show is now out at sea, signaling a shift from Voyager’s source material. For those who haven’t read the book, now that Claire’s been taken by this new ship, where does the story go from here?

The next episode is aboard this plague ship, the HMS Porpoise, as Claire has been taken hostage to care for the sailors. What we do there is we go back to the Artemis as Jamie is struggling to try to find a way to force the captain to follow the Porpoise, and he is actually imprisoned on the Artemis by Captain Raines.

Jamie’s experience while Claire is on the Porpoise isn’t told in the book. Why did you decide to tell that story?

When we start breaking stories, we always start by discussing what point of view and what perspective we’re going to tell it from. As the season has gone along, you see some episodes are more heavy with Jamie stories, and the next episode is a heavier Claire story. This is one of those stories in the next episode, as it’s a little heavier with the Claire story, but we still wanted to go back and tell Jamie’s as well since the book just tells Claire’s story. We wanted to show what Jamie was going through at the same time. We jump back to the Artemis and we created this story of how he gets imprisoned, what he does to try to get himself free so he can find his wife again. When he gets to this point of the story, he’s waited 20 years to have her back and he doesn’t want to lose her right off the bat. She gets taken by someone on what he thought was a deal where she was just supposed to go over, check patients and come back. But actually Captain Raines made a deal with Captain Leonard of the Porpoise and he knew all about the deal, and Jamie wasn’t a party to it. They didn’t even ask Jamie, and that’s why he was so upset about it.

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  1. Amazing interview. I love it when any of the changes, omissions and story line are discussed. For those of us who have read the book Voyager, know that Jamie’s experience when Claire is kidnapped isn’t mentioned. Showing his issues on board with the Captain was very important in the show. Boy, those 2 captains were so sneaky and underhanded.

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