NEW Pic of John Bell and Lauren Lyle   3 comments

Here is a NEW Pic of John Bell and Lauren Lyle


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3 responses to “NEW Pic of John Bell and Lauren Lyle

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  1. Guess they were between shoots here. A very talent young group of actors. Looking forward to seeing them more in the show.

  2. So glad the writers didn’t change the script for Laoghaire to be prosacuted and sent to Virginia for shooting Jamie, as much as I would have loved to see her flogged or hung, then the story changed later when the Frasiers settle and she would come to live on Fraser ridge with her daughter Marsalys and Fergus and their children to make their family, but more so Jamie and Claire’s lives misserable. Even with the changes from book in this week’s episode,number 8, this may be my favorite so far in season 3. Not so much because of Sam’s performance but this week Caitronias performance was so strong and reminiscent of the early Clair, 20 years ago.jamie was as ever perfect but Claire put out a little extra in this one.if these two don’t start kissing and hugging and showing each other, as well as the other characters,esp that bitch Jenny, how devoted they are to one another it will be hard for viewers to stay vested in their amazing love.

    • I can understand your point of view on this – however, I have read and reread the book Voyager and Drums of Autumn, and in those books Jamie’s and Claire’s love and affection for each other are very strong as ever – even though their lives are full of danger and uncertainty. I guess with making the TV show there is no much to be put in that some aspects are not focused on as much.

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